A downloadable game for Windows

Created for the game jam Mini-Jam 99 in around 48 hours.

Based on a dream without logic.

- Select a color with keyboard (1-8) or (Q and E)
- Aim with your mouse
- Paint with Left mousebutton
- Scroll Wheel to change the brush size
Shift to view clipboard
- Quit game with ESC

Created by:
Pudzze: https://pudzze.itch.io/ (Technical Artist)
Norflip: https://norflip.itch.io/ (Programming)
Macmash: https://macmash.itch.io/ (Music and sound)


duck.rar 24 MB


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I wish I was graded in school on the curve this game has. I also liked the surprise when you turn around :)

very based duck game

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I might be biased because i love Ducks, but man Ducks are the best, also fun game mechanic! 

 This game requiers some mad painting skills!

This game is so fun to play and really puts my artistic skills to the test, same for me 5/5 ducks!

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